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I’m Gudy, Trend Expert, Beauty Chaser, and Mood Board Mentor.

It all started getting more serious around seven years ago. I had been moodboarding for more than twenty years and knew intuitively what worked and what didn’t.

But it wasn’t until I had to present professional mood boards in a trend agency in London that I realized there was so much more to it. When searching for more information and training on the internet to improve my skills, I couldn’t find anything I thought was relevant, so I designed a program myself and starting giving classes in Barcelona.

Mood boards had given me much clarity in creative processes, and I had become a much better communicator in presentations; the idea was to share the knowledge and help other creatives finding their voice with a haptic tool.

A four-hour workshop quickly became a one-day masterclass tailored towards professionals who want to interact with their clients and audience in a more engaging way.

Let’s stop doing ppt presentations and slides! Get your audience to interact with you, touch your work, feel materials, and discuss color, not only on a screen. In the end, you will create a much more memorable experience.

Today, I’m fortunate to work with creative professionals who fly in from all over the world to spend one day in Barcelona with me, which is very inspiring.

Corporate product, design, and marketing teams are also stepping up, and we’ve celebrated many unique in-house workshops so far.

It’s been six years of teaching online and offline; drop me a line┬áif you have any questions or just Hello.